Playing Cards - Blue Backs

Playing Cards by Idígoras

A Fournier deck with caricatures of the all-time greats of magic, in full color, drawn by Idígoras. The backs are one-way and a double-backer is included.

No collector should be without this deck. Even if you are not a collector, think of the effects you could perform with a little help from Houdini, Malini, Cardini, Colombini, Slydini and many others whose names don't end with -ini, such as Tamariz, Vernon, Copperfield, Max Maven, Siegfried & Roy, Lennart Green, Fu Manchu, Lafayette, and Hofzinser. The deck allows you to do forces, predictions, color changes and much more, with your favorite conjurers.

Coming soon: the black back series, featuring magicians of our time.

The one thing you won't be able to do in such company is solitaires.

A limited edition
Series 2: Blue backs
Slydini, Bobo, David Blaine, Max Maven, Herb Zarrow, Mac King, Penn and Teller, David Copperfield, Channing Pollock, Ricky Jay, Lewis Ganson, Juliana Chen, Fred Kaps, Ascanio, David Roth, Gaetan Bloom, Annemann, Paul Harris, Jeff McBride, The Great Tomsoni & Co., Luis de Matos, Salvano, José Carroll, Michael Ammar, Tina Lenert, René Lavand, Juan Tamariz, Albert Goshman, Eugene Burger, Al Koran, Darwin Ortiz, Kevin James, Siegfried and Roy, Paul Daniels, Richard Ross, Daryl, Roberto Giobbi, Lisa Menna, Ed Marlo, Alex Elmsley, David Williamson, Meir Yedid, Paul Curry, Lennart Green, Lance Burton, The Pendragons, Doug Henning, Norbert Ferré, Brother John Hamman, Tommy Wonder, Luna Shimada, Fu Manchu.

Joker: Aldo Colombini
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