Playing Cards Series 1: Red Backs

Playing Cards by Idígoras

A Fournier deck with caricatures of the all-time greats of magic, in full color, drawn by Idígoras. The backs are one-way and a double-backer is included.

No collector should be without this deck. Even if you are not a collector, think of the effects you could perform with a little help from Houdini, Malini, Cardini, Colombini, Slydini and many others whose names don't end with -ini, such as Tamariz, Vernon, Copperfield, Max Maven, Siegfried & Roy, Lennart Green, Fu Manchu, Lafayette, and Hofzinser. The deck allows you to do forces, predictions, color changes and much more, with your favorite conjurers.

Coming soon: the black back series, featuring magicians of our time.

The one thing you won't be able to do in such company is solitaires.

A limited edition
Series 1: Red backs
Cardini, Maskelyne, Buchinger, Ching Ling Foo, The Davenport, Pinetti, The Great Raymond, Frakson, Buatier de Kolta, Selbit, Nate Leipzig, Servais Leroy, Talma & Bosco, The Great Lafayette, Hofzinser, David Devant, Okito, Chung Ling Soo, Bartholomeo Bosco, Döebler, The Great Wizard of the North, Tarbell, Field, Thurston, Si Stebbins, Ana Eva Fay, Robert-Houdin, Dai Vernon, Horace Goldin, T. Nelson Downs, Chang, Charles Bertram, Fawkes, Carter the Great, Dunninger, Dante, Bishop, Al Baker, The Fox Sisters, Malini, Erdnase, Kellar, L'Homme Masqué, Tenkai, George Méliés, Cazeneuve, Carmo the Great, Alexander, Blitz, Harry Blackstone Sr, Dr. Elliott, The Hermanns, S.J. Bosco.
Joker: Houdini
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