Introduction by William Kalush

Preface by Miguel Gómez

The Joy of Magic: Master Cardmanship

Special Moments
First Moment: The Joy of Beginning
Intensifiers of Magical Impact
The Four Elements
Mini Wild Card
Production in Two Parts for Four Coins and One Invisible Purse
Needle through Coin (Close-up Magic on a Budget)
Think of a Coin
A Handy Assembly

Second Moment: The Joy of Performing
Why Do We Do the Magic That We Do?

Parlour Magic
Six Bill Repeat The Bet
Magic with a Stacked or Memorized Deck
Cards by Weight

Close-up Magic
Card Stab
Magician Makes Good
Sand and Water

Third Moment: The Joy of Inquiring


On practiceOverhand Half Pass
Top Palm Replacement
The Part and the Whole
Elastic Cards Across
Card through Handkerchief
My Handling of Bro. Hamman’s “Final Aces”

Bonus: For my Friends in Magic
Card Magic for Brave Magicians
The General Card (Sleight of Hand Version)
The General Card (Gimmicked Card)
A Visual Transposition
Torn and Restored Card

Afterword: The Pleasure of Constant Learning