Introduction by William Kalush

Preface by Miguel Gómez

The Joy of Magic: Master Cardmanship

Special Moments

First Moment: The Joy of Beginning
Intensifiers of Magical Impact
The Four Elements
Mini Wild Card
Production in Two Parts for Four Coins and One Invisible Purse
Needle through Coin (Close-up Magic on a Budget)
Think of a Coin
A Handy Assembly

Second Moment: The Joy of Performing
Why Do We Do the Magic That We Do?

Parlour Magic
Six Bill Repeat The Bet
Magic with a Stacked or Memorized Deck
Cards by Weight

Close-up Magic
Card Stab
Magician Makes Good
Sand and Water

Third Moment: The Joy of Inquiring

On practice

Overhand Half Pass

Top Palm Replacement
The Part and the Whole
Elastic Cards Across
Card through Handkerchief
My Handling of Bro. Hamman’s “Final Aces”

Bonus: For my Friends in Magic
Card Magic for Brave Magicians
The General Card (Sleight of Hand Version)
The General Card (Gimmicked Card)
A Visual Transposition
Torn and Restored Card

Afterword: The Pleasure of Constant Learning