Table of Contents
Foreword by Fu Manchu
Introduction by Antonio Romero
Preliminary Note

Part One: Technique
Introduction. A Few Words about Knives
What Type of Knife Should Be Used?
The "Fairly Complete" Set
The Paddle Move
A Modern Take on the Classic Handling
Alternative Handlings
A. The Ring and Little Finger Grip
B. The Knife Held between the Left Index Finger and Thumb
C. The Hand-To-Hand Toss
D. The Classic Handling Performed with Two Knives. The V Turn
The Through-The-Fist Turn
The Third-Finger Turn
The Ultra-Fast Turn
Starting Position
The Turn Proper
Finishing Position
Points to Note
The Ultra Quick Turn with Two Knives
The Psychology of the Paddle Move
Two Psychological Procedures (Ascanio)
1. "The Sharp Knife"
2. "Breathing on the Knife"

Color Changes
The Classic Color Change
Insertion Reverse (Ascanio)
A Color Change (Bringas)
A Color Change in the Hands of a Spectator (Lewis Ganson)
One-Handed Color Change
Color Changes with Two Knives
A Color Change Using Regular Knives
Minar's Visual Color Change
The Psychology of the Color Change
Sundry Sleights
Handling the Knife as a Cigarette
The Sliding Vanish
Two Vanishes from Fu Manchu
A. Holding the Knife by One End
B. Holding the Knife by Both Ends
How to Tell the Sides of a Knife apart by Feel
Telling Two Knives apart by Feel

The Quick Switch (Ascanio)
How to Use the Quick Switch
Other Switches
A. Switching Two Dissimilar Knives (Lewis Ganson)
B. Switching Two Knives with One Matching Side
a) Switching a Gimmicked Knife for an Ordinary One
I. The Pick and Drop Switch (Fu Manchu)
II. Sleeving into the Left Sleeve (Fu Manchu)
III. Propelling the Knife inside the Right Sleeve
b) Switching an Ordinary Knife for a Gimmicked One

Part Two: Routines
Preliminary Note

A Routine by Fred Kaps
Part One
Part Two
A. Hand-To-Hand Transposition
B. The Handkerchief Move
Outline of the Routine

A Routine by Lewis Ganson
Material and Preparation
Presentation and Handling
A Routine by Arnaldo Curié
Material and Set-Up
Outline of the Routine

"Knives and Color-Blindness" (Ascanio)
Material and Preparation
Presentation and Handling
Part One: An Overt Miracle Explained
Part Two: "You Must Be Color-Blind, Sir"
Part Three: Climax
Outline of the Routine
Alternative Handlings
First Variation
Second Variation
Third Variation

Two Presentations by Fu Manchu
An Idea for a Shell (Fu Manchu)
A Pull Vanish (Fu Manchu)
A Psychological Turn (Fu Manchu)
A Good Clean-Up (Eddie Joseph)
A Subtle Idea
An Opening Effect
The Knife in the Garter
A Holder for Miniature Knives (Ascanio)
A Pretty Color Change (Fu Manchu)
A Knife Holder (Lewis Ganson)

Part Three: First Fruits
A Justification

A Chapter by José Paytubí
A. A Psychological Turn
B. The Propeller (A Color Change)
C. A Routine
Material and Preparation
Outline of the Routine

A Routine by Martínez Muro
Material and Set-Up
Outline of the Routine

A Big Thank You